Some great stuff about today…

1. Mass
2. It is Friday
3. One of my coworkers who is just amazing
4. It is Friday
5. The sun is shining
6. It’s breezy and beautiful
7. baby birds
8. A bike ride all over town with Suzie in search of my nephew’s baseball game. I left Maggie home b/c yesterday’s 4 mile ride was really too much for her. So in spite of the howling as we rode down the block, it was just me and the Suze… which ended up being really good since we rode much further than anticipated to find said game.
9. My munchkin buddies at the game– so stinking cute. Only I felt bad because one of them is afraid of Suzie apparently, so I didn’t get to visit with her. But the others were fine and I was a big hit for bringing water.
10. My adult friends at the game too 🙂
11. Home sweet home
12. Fun plans for tomorrow
13. That I am home and not out because I couldn’t say no again (another story for another time)
14. Did I mention that I love weekends?
15. I’m off to do some more cabinet door painting– the last coat for most of the doors (only a few need another one after this. Can’t wait to be done!)

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