The New Arrivals

I am proud to introduce the new arrivals at the Nichols Homestead…

Yesterday the mother seemed particularly needy, flying back and forth and back and forth and never out of sight of the nest. (Yeah, don’t ask me how I know when a bird is being particularly needy…) So I held my camera up to see this:

The babies were hatching!! And everytime I got near the nest, the mother robin sat in the maple tree out front yelling at me to back off. Sigh. Sometimes I can’t help myself!

Today I actually brought a chair out to get a better look, and with the aid of a flashlight (since the rosebush leaves really make it hard to get a good flash picture), I got a couple pics. Aren’t they cute??? I also liked that when the bush shook even a little, they opened their beaks for food. Awww. I’m calling them the Three Stooges (it’s hard to tell, but there are three of them in there).

And I’m happy to report the mother is alive and well and has managed to escape the talented jaws of the BOC.

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