The entertainment ’round these parts

Dear Blog,

Today was one of those entertaining evenings. You eat dinner on the patio with your homie. The dogs running around, barking at oncoming dogs, checking out the scenery. You finish eating and Suzie wants to play ball. So you get up and throw the ball. Then you rile Maggie up and get her racing around the yard like a maniac. You turn to the homie “I love it when Maggie does this” as Maggie laps the yard, a crazed look in her eye. And then proceeds to run, at full speed, with her 65 lbs of crazy, right into you. Body slam! You twist around, crash to the uneven patio, skinning your knee and losing a slipper. The homie wets her pants. Maggie stares at you like you’ve completely lost your mind, from a safe distance away. Then as you sit on the patio examining the skinned knee and the homie speaks of needing the bathroom (too late) and the look on your face as the crazy body slammed into you. Ah yes. It was another great night at the homestead.

The One with the Skinned Knee

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