Back at it…

Well, my extended weekend is officially over. Naturally I waited until 10:59 to put in that load of laundry so I’ll have clean clothes for work tomorrow… so I find myself with a few minutes waiting for the wash to finish…

Naturally, I didn’t finish everything I wanted to (that is impossible). But I did make good progress:
– I got all the cabinet doors prepped and primed (and might I remind you I do have a lot of doors)
– and most of them also have one side with one coat of topcoat (have to wait 24 hours between coats)
– I spent way too much time on Saturday installing the floor transitions (from the kitchen to the neighboring rooms). If it has “Simple Solutions” as the title, expect a royal pain. The subfloor changes made some problems and required some… uh… adjustments. Got 2 of the 3 done, but that last one needed to be cut down and since I don’t have the right saw for that (in spite of currently housing my brother’s jigsaw, my brother-in-law’s sawsall, and my own 2 saws). Anyway, my dad is going to trim that down for me and then I can install the last transition.
– I also did some yard work- mostly normal stuff, mowing the jungle, picking up something dead, and some weeding. Lots more to do on that.
– Cleaned out the guest room
– Saw Guys and Dolls play at the local high school- a bunch of teens I love were in it and did a fabulous job!
– Saw Footloose in Toledo at my housemate’s cousin’s school where he teaches. Also fun, but let’s face it, without the great story line of Guys and Dolls and missing all the fabulous high schoolers I actually know… yeah, definitely didn’t measure up, though entertaining. It was also fun to meet some of Leslie’s family who I hadn’t met yet.
– Celebrated my sister’s birthday with the fam on Sunday– thanks to Donal and Lindsey for hosting a great family party at their place for the first time.
– Played softball Sunday afternoon
– Bathed some dogs (the dead smell is gone at last!!)

And am now regretting not taking the whole week off… nonetheless, it was great to have an extended weekend to get some projects done around here and to just be home. And tomorrow, we’re back at it…

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