Location, location, location

A few days ago when I walked out the front door and a robin fluttered up right in front of me, leaving a trail of sticks and garden scraps, I noticed he/she was building a nest. Right in my rose bush. Right outside my front door!! Not the quiet, peaceful place I would have chosen, though the rose bush is lovely. Today I peeked into the nest and saw she’s laid eggs in there. We’re going to have baby birdies right outside my door!

In the meantime, every time my housemate gets home from work, the robin flutters out of the nest practically into her face and makes her jump.

I’m just hoping this robin is smart enough to avoid the dogs in the backyard… they are much too quick, even for you winged creatures. For the sake of your babies, AVOID THE BACKYARD!

One thought on “Location, location, location

  1. Great pictures! So Springy! We had a robin making a nest on our porch light (6 inches from the door!), but I was cruel and knocked it down after the twigs poked me in the eye one day 🙂 Miss you! Hope the painting went well!

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