What have we learned today?

I don’t know whether to count today as a minimal success or a complete failure. A few things I’ve learned:

— Paint sprayers are finicky. They do make a beautiful, smooth coat of paint, but they are finicky and will randomly spit out paint in drops instead of that nice smooth spray finish. Grrr. Have a mini roller around to smooth them out before they dry.
— Be careful about giving that extension cord a good tug to get enough room to go where you need to– it may jump across and mark your freshly painted doors.
— Though it was a nice idea to have shorter grass under the subfloor painting boards, it was actually a horribly idea on a windy-ish day. The wind keeps blowing grass flecks onto my newly painted doors. Grrr. Good thing this is just the primer which needs to be lightly sanded anyway.
— A brief 10 minute rain shower can seriously rain on your parade. There they were, doors freshly painted, drying in the breeze… and then the clouds gathered and it started to sprinkle…ahhhh. I covered the doors with plastic which managed to be fine over the doors that had dried a bit, and totally made a mess with the doors that were still very freshly painted. Oh well. Again, this is just the primer and will need to be lightly sanded to remove 1. Cord marks 2. Paint drops 3. Grass flecks 4. plastic marks. So much for a forecast for a perfect day!

— The project is much simpler when you lock the dogs inside as soon as the paint comes out (which I did because Suze kept dropping her ball in front of me, no matter what else I was doing, duh.)

To sum up… I have primed nearly all (meaning 4 are still drying and will be done in a few minutes) of both sides of all the doors in minimal time. The paint sprayer was both a great help and a great pain in the tush. Maybe someday when I’m a more experienced paint sprayer user, I’ll have better luck (tomorrow perhaps?). I have learned a lot. I have apologized to the Almighty God for my discontent over that stinking rain shower. I am enjoying the day off in spite of all of that. And loving spring, most definitely loving spring.

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