Maintenance Man Envy… again…

So a couple weeks ago the fridge started making this horribly loud squealing / screaming sound. Dang. It was in the middle of installing the floor, I just simply didn’t have time to deal. So I went on where I always figure out what is wrong with my appliances and figured out which part I needed… the evaporator fan. Hmmm. $50 and a few days later, the part arrived… and then sat on my counter for nearly two weeks, because the squealing had mysteriously stopped. I kept checking and things were cold… very cold in fact. Oddly the ice maker had stopped making ice cubes and instead made one huge ice dam in the freezer. Hmmm. Definitely time to replace the evaporator fan (which had apparently stopped working altogether).

Tonight was the night. I emptied the freezer, tossing some lost unidentifiable chunks from the far corners of the freezer, then unplugged it and headed out for a walk with the dogs and the homie. Lovely. Just lovely. Have I mentioned how much I love spring?

Back home again, the towels were soaked through and everything except that huge ice dam was pretty well defrosted. So we ate dinner. And waited. And changed towels and dumped pans of water. And waited some more. Finally, when it was 8:30 pm and I still couldn’t even access the freezer because of that ice dam, I pulled out the hair dryer. And dried. and dried. and dried. and dried. It was a really big, really thick ice dam.

Finally I melted enough to remove the ice cube bin, enough to chunk off some additional pieces of ice, and eventually access the back panel. Six screws later, there was the fan motor to replace, I made the easy snap on connections, tested it (yay, fan spinning and not squealing) and reattached the back. So simple. Basically, once I could access the back panel, it was a 20 minute job. All the defrosting, and cleaning, and deicing… yeah, that took me the entire evening. Not to mention drying the floor (the towels upon towels that were necessary), moving the fridge, reloading all the food… sigh. It’s done. We’ll see in the morning if everything gets cold as it should- I am way to tired to sit here and babysit the fridge.

And yes, today was one of those days where I envy all of you with maintenance men… I could have used one today to be sure.

But optimistically, I bought a $50 part and not a $800 fridge. Could be worse. Though sometimes I think it is a curse to be handy (or to think you’re handy).

2 thoughts on “Maintenance Man Envy… again…

  1. So when we had a refrigerator problem (flood in kitchen), I went to the repair clinic site and they wrote, “We suggest that you contact a qualified appliance repair technician for such repairs.”

  2. Not all them are maintenance men. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Ours is still not quite right. Fridge could be colder; freezer is way too cold and “frosty”. Weird. I'm going to check out your website. My “maintenance man's” suggestion was that we buy a new fridge. So, I fired him.

    Aunt Marie

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