Answered Prayer

Sometimes I forget to acknowledge the many times and may ways God answers my prayers. It seems like He listens better when I pray for other people- leaving my prayers for myself or my own situation either unanswered or answered in ways I have a hard time seeing them. I am trying to be more aware of answered prayer and ways that God is working in my life and the lives of people I love every day.

This week:

Friends sold their house!! Yay! They live a couple blocks over from me but need a bigger spot for their family. As you know, selling real estate in Michigan isn’t exactly easy right now. Every day as I drive out to work and pass their street and every night when I pass it to come home, I’ve been praying for them to sell the house. And look! God answers prayer! The house is sold! Hurray!

Some friends who have been trying to adopt are getting very close to getting a new baby! The baby is due in a couple weeks and the details are all coming together. God is good!

I have a great housemate who is fun to live with! After my last stressful housemate situation, where it became very clear, very fast, that though we were both good people with good intentions, we were a terrible fit for living together. I prayed hard for the right person, and things at home are good and peaceful and fun (which is especially a blessing when some other things in life are particularly difficult).

I asked Jesus very specifically to close the door to a situation if it wasn’t what He wanted for me. And just a couple days later, the door went slamming shut. Of course, I was very disappointed and that wasn’t the answer I thought I wanted… but He gave me clarity and clearly closed the door for me.

See, God is faithful. And sometimes in the midst of His faithfulness, the answer is “no” and sometimes the answer is “not now” and sometimes the answer is unclear—but it doesn’t mean He isn’t listening. (Yes, this post is written for me.)

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