Overheard in the lobby today:
Lady 1: Oooh hi, I love your new haircut (to lady 2).
Lady 2: It’s a lot shorter this time, too short I thought, but now it’s growing in nicely.
They chat about where they get their hair cut and find it’s at the same place.
Lady 1: I used to always get mine cut so it was shorter around the ears and the bangs and then longer in back. That was great, it was never in my way, or nothing. I loved that cut. Had it for years.
Lady 2: Isn’t it great to find a cut that just works for you? Why did you change it?
Lady 1: Well, my son was getting married and he thought I should have one of them fancy up-do’s which wasn’t gonna work with how it was. So I grew it out for that.

Did you just hear what I did? Lady 1 recounting the joys of her mullet???? 🙂 Awesome.

3 thoughts on “Overheard…

  1. Well, that does answer the question of why anyone would get a mullet. However, wouldn't it be better just to have short hair, you know, if you're not going to do anything with it?

    The really weird thing about this story is that Lady 1 used to go someplace to have her mullet done. I always thought the mullet was for the DIY type.

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