Floors upon floors

Day 2 – Woke up and left the house by 8:15 to get to Lowes for some magical linoleum removal tool. Found the tool and arrived home minutes after my brother Emmet showed up to help. We scraped more linoleum… the tool didn’t really work so well, the floor was glued too much… But Emmet and I scraped for one…


three hours…

We made some good progress before I had to jump in the shower and meet some friends for a late lunch. And Em had to go home and get ready for his real job. By the time I had a late and long lunch with some friends, and stopped for coffee, and made it home it was 5 pm. I did some putzy stuff and then the homie got home and we started the evening’s tasks… As I was ripping out linoleum, and then started soaking the adhesive off (and realizing how awful scraping all the adhesive off was gonna be), I realized the edges of the subfloor were in really bad shape. Dang it. I then considered the floor is too high and maybe if I pull up the subfloor I’ll find the plywood, which I can lay the laminate right on top of.

So I started ripping up the subfloor… and found more linoleum (which answers why the basement stairs look the way they do).

Naturally this complicated things… involved some google searching, a call to my dad, a call to Nick (to find out What Would Ralph Do – Nick’s dad Ralph is a home improvement genius married to a very detail oriented woman- if Ralph does it, he does it right). The new plan: Rip up the subfloor and install the laminate over the old linoleum (Ralph did it!). So Leslie and I spent the evening ripping up subfloor… moving the refrigerator, and ripping up more floor. Sadly we didn’t know how bad the subfloor was before all the linoleum removal, but I was glad we figured it out then and not later (once we’d finished all of the top layer of linoleum all the way).

The only real hitch was the stove- I think in order to shut off the gas, I have to stand on my head behind the stove to turn off the valve and disconnect it… and considering my vertigo, I don’t think that’s gonna work, I’m waiting for Emmet tomorrow. We’ll move the stove and remove all those staples in the floor, clear some work space, and then Nick and Jen are coming to get me started on laying the laminate flooring tomorrow evening.

One thought on “Floors upon floors

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!you've made so much progress!!!! I'm completely jealous. I wish I were there with you watching the progress, having a long lunch…
    I can't WAIT to see the new stuff, how exciting!

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