Easter Break

Day one of break is over… recovery was underway… I slept, I drank coffee, I sat down to eat lunch on the patio, it was an amazingly slow morning / early afternoon. And then I ran some errands, scoped out the habitat for humanity restore (but it didn’t have what I wanted), went to Lowes and bought the new flooring for the kitchen, managed to fit it into my Honda Accord, and made it home exhausted. Had dinner, played some ball, gloried in the gorgeous spring…

And then (the music gets dramatic)… the homie and I started the kitchen floor removal. I was hoping against hope it would be simple- remove the quarter round trim and roll up the hideous floor. But it was not so… it went more like this:

1. Run to Aco to get pry bar while homie moves things off the floor. I love Aco. And that it is only a mile from my house.
2. Remove quarter round trim- fast and easy
3. 8 pm. Begin removing linoleum… learn that it is all glued, and by glued I mean well glued to the floor… Pour wine…

9 pm: third friend joined us. She was by far faster than both of us… and jumped right in to visit and help… (and refused to have photographs taken). Refill wine glasses. Continue chipping away horrid linoleum…

10 pm: Still going… pull out band-aids and apply to growing blisters. Crack jokes about this awesome floor. Keep chipping away…

11 pm: Quitting time. Still a little over half a floor to go… hmmm. Maybe I should revise my goals for the week… and schedule more recovery time…

But no worries, Maggie spent a lot of time licking the exposed adhesive clean. I’m sure that’s a good sign… (Please God, let old linoleum shavings settle better than fresh wabbit did…)

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