Guess what we did today?

Oh yeah! I pulled out the old bike and we took it for a spin!!! It was sooo great to be out in the warm weather (expecting mid-seventies this afternoon), having some time this morning (after working a lot this week and will be working around the clock all weekend). Anyway, great way to start a very busy day. Here’s some of us, happy as can be after a nice fast two mile ride (and yes, I’m grinning the same way and drooling from the other side of the camera)…

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE spring???

2 thoughts on “Guess what we did today?

  1. Yay spring! It's finally light enough that I can take Raven running after work, she's not a fan but it's nice to get out when it's still light! (not that I CAN'T run in the dark, but who wants to???) I wish I was brave enough to hook Raven to a bike, I took mine out a couple weekends ago and I remembered how nice it is! I want to start biking to work some days…maybe that will be an April CDO goal!

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