The gift that never stops giving…

Remember that wabbit? The one that ate my tulips? The one Maggie ate half of before I cleaned it up? The one that made me gag? Well, said wabbit continues to plague our existence at the homestead. It’s like the gift that never stops giving. The day after Wabbit Day, Maggie had killer dog breath (literally). “I blame the wabbit.” My housemate fed her a couple breath mints to help with that. It worked temporarily, but there’s something very lingering and bad about eating-dead-stuff-breath.

The following morning, Mag wasn’t eating her food, which is unheard of. Hmm. “I blame the wabbit.” I went to work and thought very little of it. Yesterday I got the call while at my grandparents- my homie got home to a terrible smell. And found that someone had been quite sick (out the rear end kind of sick) on the rug (of course on the rug, you couldn’t possible have that sort of mess on say, the kitchen linoleum). Ewwww. The homie cleaned it up (thank you thank you thank you) and aired the house out. The wabbit died Sunday, Maggie hasn’t eaten yet… I wish I was more worried, but she seems fine other than the not eating- she growls at me in the morning (as usual), she picks on Suzie (as usual), and she runs around the yard looking for new rabbits… yeah, clearly we have not learned our lesson.

I’m not sure why I feel compelled to share the disgustingness… my friends with kids blog about poop, childhood diseases, etc. and I blog about my dogs and their rabbit faddish and the results thereof. Sorry people. Some day I will get a life and have more interesting things to say.

In the meantime, in spite of the above, I LOVE SPRING!! I welcome it with open arms, even with all the grossness that accompanies it. I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life- seeing the sun regularly, seeing green things springing out of the earth, and anticipating months and months of delightful outside weather. God is good!

Worth the hype: A terrific housemate who cleans up your dog’s mess instead of leaving it for you (particularly the disgusting kind of dog mess).

Also worth the hype: Spring, truly the gift that never stop giving.

2 thoughts on “The gift that never stops giving…

  1. To save you $163 at the vet, not that I would know: you can give dogs Pepcid, .25-.5 mg/lb of dog, apparently sometimes when they eat something and get an upset stomach they can have a hard time getting it settled back down. And maybe feed a couple meals of rice and plain chicken (or rice and an egg, if you're lazy and have no chicken and a dog who ADORES an over-easy egg). (OK fine, I had one costly vet visit, about 4 weeks after we got Raven and Josh went out of town and I was alone with the dog for the first time and she stopped eating and clearly had an upset tummy (you know…) and I thought she might be dying because you know a mutt off the streets is so likely to keel over from an upset stomach and a couple days of fasting. I know better now…some Pepcid and some rice, and two meals later we're back to normal.)

  2. Yay for dog-friends 🙂 Thanks Jo. I'll pick up some pepcid tomorrow. I fed Maggie plain white rice tonight with a bit of chicken broth. She ate it (first thing since Sunday) but I did think the gas that followed might kill us all. She was also outside a lot- so I have no actual idea if she kept it down. Sigh. She seemed happier though, but that might have been evil glee over the gas… tomorrow I will try pepcid. THANKS for the advice (and the saved trip to the vet- esp with the worst dog on the planet at the vet…)

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