’tis the season…

Dogs: 1
Rabbits: 1
Tulips: 0
Reenie: -2

My tulips have been coming up so nicely in the garden, with some hair scattered around to keep the rabbits away. I think in the wind yesterday, the hair blew away, and this morning I noticed one tulip clump had been chewed. “Those wascally wabbits!” I said to myself, determined to keep my tulips from further chewing. I swept the house, scattered more dog hair around said tulips and went around back for a game of ball with the dogs. It was then I saw more evidence of chewing… but chewing of a more grotesque nature. Yeah, there in my back yard was one of those wascally wabbits (perhaps the very one who ate my tulips) quite chewed. Gag. I actually had to cover it with a rag in order to clean it up without throwing up as it’s midsection was chewed most of the way through and oh so gross. Nonetheless, the rabbit is now cleaned up. The tulips are surrounded by dog hair, and I am almost ready to pull out that chicken for dinner…

The moral of the story: Spring has truly arrived at the Nichols homestead and the massacre has begun.

2 thoughts on “’tis the season…

  1. I should have been clearer….. Ittttt'ssss WOOOOOOOOOOOONDER WOMAN!!!! Cleaner-up-er of Wascally Wabbit Bodies EEEEEEVerywheeeere. Still, blech. Well done, blech. (I'm so conflicted)

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