Quick Takes

I haven’t done these in awhile, but I like them, so here goes:

  1. It has been a snowy week here. Not blizzardy like some parts of the country, but we got 8 inches on Monday (snow day, hurray!!). A couple more Wednesday. And it’s snowing again out there now, only another couple inches predicted. That means a lot of shoveling. Mostly I enjoy some shoveling, but the super heavy snows are not as much fun. Heavy snow does make it highly entertaining to watch the dogs plowing through the yard.
  2. As much as I am soooo done with winter, especially the rarity of the sunshine, the snow does look beautiful.
  3. February, though in days is the shortest month of the year, is always the longest, hardest month of the year for me. But it is almost over, Praise Jesus, and March is just around the corner. And though March isn’t really spring yet, you know at least Spring is close at hand… and I can start all my seedlings… get my fingers in the dirt and do something productive toward making spring come faster (or at least pretend it makes spring come faster)…
  4. Some of my very good friends are in town this week visiting… I am so happy. Life is always better when we are in the same state.
  5. Suzie was super excited and playing ball with the black ball (replica of her old eaten ball-the only ball she truly loved). Maybe it’s because I haven’t been able to find the only other ball she will catch so we haven’t had a good round of catch in weeks. But there it was, the black ball, soaring through the air and Suzie racing to get it and chewing it the whole way back. Lovin’ the ball, life is good.
  6. Lent… of the four things I’m doing for lent, I’ve been really consistent with one… really working on yet another one (and still managing to fail), and totally forgetting the other two… thankfully I have several more weeks of lent to get better at this.
  7. This week I caught up with a few friends I feel like I never see enough of (though that is true of most of you out there!). Spending time with some of the amazing people God has put in my life fills me with gratitude for the blessing of friendship. And the specific blessing of the friends He has given me.
  8. The kitchen… still need to spray paint those doors. That seems to be the insurmountable part of this project- partly because it takes up so much room and is too cold to do it in the garage. And just because of the sheer volume of cupboard doors and the numerous coats of paint each will require. Still have to get on that…

That’s all for now folks! Happy Lent!

One thought on “Quick Takes

  1. Don't stress about the cabinet doors. I too have a number of painting projects that I have officially put on hold until it's warm enough to do them in the garage. …Once it's warm enough, I have no excuse. 😉

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