Drum roll please…

Good news after a really shoddy week…

1. One of my brothers who has been job hunting for awhile just got a job! Hurray! God is good!

2. I am heading down on retreat this weekend to the Abbey of Gethsemani for my annual silent retreat. I am soooooo ready. So. Ready. Yay!

3. Have I ever mentioned how my silent weekend retreat annually is one of the highlights of my life? Well, it is. Wonderful. So ready…

4. Some far away friends are coming to visit soon- already getting excited for the visiti.

5. I made some small progress this week on the kitchen- finished the undercabinet lighting, painted the shelf I got back from my brother who made alterations for me and installed it, touched up some paint, generally worked on it. Good to make progress, even small progress.

Happy Thursday!

One thought on “Drum roll please…

  1. Have a great weekend Reenie! How nice to have a snow day- I didn't know the office schedule was tied to the school schedule…yeah! (oh, I guess you'll already have been and come back again from Kentucky when you read this…!)

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