The Progress of the Day

It ended up being a fairly productive day- although wiring projects always take forever somehow. And no Saturday is ever as productive as I’d like- but today measured up okay.

I drank coffee. Suzie napped in the sunshine. Maggie went outside every 15 minutes, only to find it was still as cold the last time. Then I had to figure out numerous circuits until I found that the over the sink light is on the same circuit as the basement family room and the one plug with the wireless router in the dining room- who mapped this house??? Anyway, I did find and turn off the circuit. And removed the halogen light from over the sink. And went to Aco for supplies. And started to wire the previous power supply into a plug so as to then install other under-cabinet lights. And went back to Aco for a couple more things. And finished installing the plug. And my brother came with my cute neice to deliver the shelf he fixed for me- THANKS Bert! And then I discovered I’ve got some mild vertigo again while trying to measure the undersides of the cabinets for the lights. Thankfully my housemate was around and happy to help – so she measured and helped install the lights. I drilled some holes, helped run wires, made a list for Lowes since we had some hitches in the installation. Went to Lowes. Spackled some holes. Ate some dinner. Made some adjustments, glued some stuff in place. Waited for glue to dry. Got out the paint brushes and let them thaw. And ran out of energy and never got around to the painting. Put the brushes back in the freezer. Watched TV with housemate.

To sum up: the undercabinet lighting is almost all in, but not quite (remember, the glue is drying and then I have to paint). But in doing so, I’ve also created yet another project for another day. Two steps forward, one step back. Such is life.

One thought on “The Progress of the Day

  1. Hurray for a productive Saturday. I LOVE our under-cabinet lighting; great idea! Here's to house-projecting…we're getting closer and closer to being done with our basement bathroom drop ceiling. there's tricky soffit work involved – I'm glad I married an enginerd-brained man! 🙂

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