Progress- any progress at all- is huge!

Look, dear readers, finally, after two (or has it been three?) busy months of not doing anything to further the kitchen painting project, today I am making progress. I have a Saturday at home at last!!!! And thankfully my friend Orsi said she’d come over this morning to help me paint, which meant I actually had to get out of bed (even after working till midnight last night).

Progress so far:
– Mostly removed the awful barely functioning light fixture from over the sink (though I haven’t turned off the circuit and removed / rearranged the wiring yet).
– We painted the undersides of the cabinets- a couple coats of primer and then the topcoat.
– Painted the topcoat on several areas of previously primed trim
– Drank 1 pot of coffee

Next up, I’ve got to get out the yellow wall paint and do some touching up and some touching up with the white too. And I should probably eat something because I think the paint fumes and the pot of coffee on the empty stomach is making me a little queasy. And maybe I’ll touch up the white trim in the dining room while I’ve got it out… and gosh those dog blankets need to be washed… and I should do a load of sweaters… and I want to bake… and…

Also, a note of appreciation to my pooches, who have really come a long way with this whole process. I can have open paint cans in the kitchen, and they know when the paint comes out, they have to go to their beds (or at least out of the room). Awesome.

Here’s to progress… And thanks, dear friend, for your assistance this morning. I really, really appreciate it!!

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