End of Januarying…

If you want a fabulous post about surviving winter, go here, she really sums it up so perfectly!

As for me and trying to survive January- here’s the things occupying my brain lately:
– Thinking about the seed catalogs that I haven’t had time to actually open them yet. Need to dig out some graph paper to start drawing new garden layouts…
– Pondering the best way to prep and paint those kitchen cabinet doors.
– Listing all the other little things that need to happen to finish Phase 1 of the kitchen project.
– Still contemplating what kind of counters and floors I want when I get a good tax return.
– Looking forward to my silent retreat- just two weeks away, can not wait!!!!!
– Pestering my poor homie into joining choir (so I can sing vicariously through her).
– Thinking about baking, especially from my new Christmas cookbook about baking Artisian Breads in 5 minutes a day – which I also haven’t had time to experiment from in the last couple weeks.
– Thinking about all the other awesome projects I want to do around the house – not the ones I need to do- those boring reorganizing and purging projects – but the fun ones- repainting the living room, making new curtains, maybe repainting the bathroom, hmmmm… so many fun things to dream about… while trying to survive the cold, sunless existence.

And to part on a positive note:
– I love an evening at home, with my puppies, in my sweats, with the heat on.
– I love my friend who brought by a six pack of beer in case I needed it for my one evening at home this week. And that she stayed to visit before going to her next stop.
– I love that Saturday will be spent on my kitchen project.
– I love the phone call from my friend who doesn’t make phone calls- I know how hard that is and really feel loved!
– I love that I work right next door to Jesus and get to stop in to see Him to begin and end each day.
– I love that it’s already the end of January, meaning I just have two more months of winter to survive before SPRING! and then SUMMER! And then FALL! I do love those three seasons!!
– I love that I live with someone who is fun, and low key, and allows me to be me.
– I love Thursdays when I get to see most of my favorite munchkins as they troop down the hall to and from their preschool class. There’s nothing quite as great as cute munchkins at work.
– I love life- even when I’m overwhelmed and a little Seasonal Affective Disordered… I am blessed.

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