It’s that time of year…

I’m sitting on the couch going through paperwork. Current bills, paid bills to file, new health insurance info, old health insurance info, a couple tax forms that just came in, bank statements… sooo much paper. Of course, the one paper I need, a receipt to turn in for reimbursement from my flex account, that I had set aside, is missing. Grrr. I also should go downstairs and get my whole paid receipts file for the year and start going through all of it for taxes… but I can’t handle that right now and since I’m still waiting on W2 forms, I guess I can put it off another week or two, for that magical day when life slows down… right?

In the meantime, it’s a three-dog weekend around here. Our regular visitor Buck is here with his cute face. Maggie and Buck have a pee-off every time he comes. It goes something like this: the dogs go out to the yard and pee in random locations. Then Maggie goes to smell where Buck just was and pees over it. Meanwhile, he’s off peeing somewhere else. And then Maggie follows him, pees over everywhere he peed. Every time they are in the yard. Pretty awesome. But I’m pretty sure in all cases, Maggie gets the last pee. Oh the joys of a dominant dog.

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, is asking about the new job. It isn’t that I’m trying to withhold information, but it’s really hard to say much sometimes. Particularly because it is a new job, and every new job has it’s own stressful transition involved. So… the new job is fine. It is exactly what I expected in a lot of ways… definite pros and cons. It isn’t difficult at all, but a constant stream of things to do and people to help, so it’s fine. Thank you all for asking. In another month or two, once the transition is done, and I’ve figured out how and where I fit in, maybe then I’ll have a better answer for people. In the meantime, things are fine. I am thankful to be employed.

Have I mentioned that I’m longing for spring? Like crazy?? It’s that time of the year again. The cold gray days really get to me after awhile… and knowing we have 3 more months of this… I wish I could just hibernate it away. No worries though, the seed catalogues are coming in… I can start drawing out extravagant yard and garden plans for summer… One can always dream.

Yep, it’s that time of year again…

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