A boy and his dog

Actually, a boy and my dog, but it is no less adorable.

Geno has always loved Suzie, even when her exhuberant licking got out of control. This past summer, he discovered the joy of a dog who will play fetch (when thrown the one correct ball) for hours, always bringing it right back and ready for more. For a boy who loves playing ball as much as Geno does, this was like hitting the jackpot.

After not visiting for awhile, Geno came by with his dad for a haircut last weekend. Suzie, thrilled as usual, spent most of the time pinning him against a wall licking him (gross). And Geno loves it. And hugs her and even gives her the occasional smooch back. I cut his hair and then he spent the rest of the hour following Suzie, cuddling with her in her bed, talking to her, being licked by her. We also worked on him being able to execute the “Down, stay, treat” trick, where you tell her to lay down and stay, then you put a treat on the floor in front of her, and she has to wait until you say “OK” to get it. Geno is finally able to get her to listen (mostly) when he executes the trick so he wanted to repeat it over and over and over again.

Geno: Reenie, Suzie loves me most of all, even more than Maggie!
Reen: I’m sure she does buddy.
Geno: Yeah. Suzie is my best best best friend, even with all the licking.
Reen: Aww, she sure does love you!! (as she comes back for another round of licking his cute face).

Last night the fam was over for Owen and Suzie’s birthdays. Geno followed Suze around with Ben for most of the evening and kept coaching Ben “No Ben, she likes to be petted like this.” “Ben, you have to count to seven before you say OK for the treat!!”

At the table, Geno was talking about how much he loves Suzie and why he should have the chair closest to her, etc. He looks up at me and says “Reenie, I love Suzie as much as I love you!”
Reen: What? Don’t you love me just a little more than her?
Geno, with a big, loving smile, and brutal honesty: Nope!!

I think there’s a compliment in there somewhere, he wasn’t telling me that he loves me as much as he loves my dog, it was more along the lines of loving his best friend Suzie as much as he loves his Aunt Reenie… or at least I hope so šŸ˜‰

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