My blog is becoming more and more trivial as time goes on, and particularly as I’m kind of overwhelmed by life right now. So I do apologize, dear readers, for not having much interesting stuff to say. For today’s trivial post, I believe a list is in order:

The Good:
– I just cleaned the living room, which means I have significantly more energy than yesterday
– My throat doesn’t hurt quite as bad today as it did yesterday
– The mouth aching is subsiding a bit, which really helps my crankiness levels.
– I love Christmas music!
– I am thankful for a good job with good people… a little overwhelmed right now (simply because it’s a big change), but thankful nonetheless. God is good!
– I am looking forward to seeing lots of family and friends, especially the long distance variety, over the next few weeks. Hurray!

The Bad:
– I was sick enough to take yesterday off work, ugh! The earlier in the week head cold is turned into horrible sore throat and lack of any energy. But I haven’t been running a fever and so far I don’t have a hacking cough (although I anticipate it may happen as I feel the congestion sinking into my chest). I am terrible at being sick – especially this time of year when there is sooooo much to do! Regardless, I spent all of yesterday doing NOTHING and not really moving from the couch, except to throw the fighting dogs outside numerous times.
– Did I mention being way behind on everything? Christmas, housework, and everything in between. Sigh.
– For all of you who keep asking, I have made no progress in the kitchen in the last month. Stuff is pretty much all where it belongs in the kitchen, but there are no doors on the cabinets. I still need to borrow a paint sprayer and paint all the doors. But I am using all the drawers (new) and I did put up curtains, which give it a more finished look… sort of, although I think cupboards without doors may trump the curtains for the actual state of the project.

The Ugly:
– Maggie and Suzie when I am sick: they make me crazy! Wrestling in the house when they know I’m too sick to throw them out. Or I do put them out to run around and wrestle all they want, and two seconds later they want back in because it’s cold out.
– The squealing of the whole house humidifier fan, reminding me it needs to be replaced… just one more thing to do.
– The kitchen floor, still ugly after all these years 🙂

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