One of my many munchkin buddies turned 5 a few weeks ago, which was apparently quite a big deal for him, a coming of age, so to speak. Anyway, I got to talk to him yesterday and, as usual, he was telling me what was going on in their house at that moment, etc.

Anthony: Aunt Reenie, do you know what I say whenever someone says Baby Einstein?
Aunt Reenie: Uh, no, what do you say?
Anthony (in a wild tone): Bebey Einsttteeeiiinn!!
Aunt Reenie: oh wow
Anthony: I LOVE Baby Einstein. I mean, I’m five years old, but I still just love it! (in a very matter of fact tone)
Aunt Reenie: Well I think that’s great!
Anthony: I know!!

I love him. “I’m five years old, and I still love it!!” I’m going to start using that line in my own life “I mean, I’m thirty years old and I still love it!” So many things…

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