the update

The kitchen progress continues… pictures almost seem irrelevant now since you saw the “done” part of it so you know where we’re heading… and besides, my camera cord is buried somewhere.

Where was I? Painting. Right, lots of painting. Anne came and primed with me Weds night, so nice to catch up and hang out with her. Thurs evening I made applesauce with Andrea and Cora (and munchkins, and later, Steve), so no painting, just applesaucing. Friday night Halloween party, so again, no painting.

Saturday was a full day of painting, and my friend Katie came to help and visit for part of it, which was fun. I migrated contents from the cabinets near the stove, got insides of cabinets (except one very small one I somehow forgot), got all the frames of all the cabinets coated with 2 coats of primer, and things are mostly ready for the final paint (2 coats).

At this precise moment, I have the fridge and stove pulled out to prime the cabinets surrounding them that I can’t reach with them in place. Just waiting for it to dry so I can topcoat those, paint the walls behind there (the visible parts anyway), and then I can put the appliances back and move to topcoat the rest of the cabinets. One little bit at a time…

The schedule for the week (in my head anyway):

Sun night – first coat of final paint on cabinet frames
Mon night – second coat on cabinet frames, touching up ceiling and walls, paper shelves
Tues night – finish papering shelves, reinstall shelves, begin putting kitchen back together
Weds night – visiting with out of town friend
Thurs night – clean house for weekend guests (and new homie moving in)

Next week, at some point, I’ll begin painting the cabinet doors (with Steve’s paint sprayer). Then eventually I’ll finish those and reinstall them… but that could be awhile, stay tuned.

Wish me luck!!

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