More progress

Last night I put the last coat of paint on the drawers, started papering shelves and migrating dishes to the done part of the kitchen. That trend continued this evening to stay ahead of Karen and the primer. Also, in preparation for some friends coming over, I organized the painting chaos a little and swept the floor, which made me feel a little more like a person. More exciting than a swept floor was putting the hardware on these drawers and putting the drawers back where they belong! Yay!! It’s almost like living again.

Thanks to my friends who came over tonight to help me with the kitchen!! Hannah and Andrea repapered shelves while Karen cleaned and primed the upper cabinets over the sink, hurray!! I love visible progress and great company while it happens. Thanks sooo much ladies! You rock!

And for the record, I LOOOVVVEEE the colorful cabinet insides and this awesome contact paper. So much contact paper is hideous or old lady-ish, but this styling green really looks great and adds another fun color to the inside of the cabinets.

P.S. I do apologize to all of you who are bored to death with my updates about the kitchen… just a couple more weeks and I’ll stop (God willing). (At least it isn’t like Operation Kitten that went on for months!!)

P.P.S. I should also mention that this project deserves more of a schedule like the home makeover shows, but that was too much for me this time around. Although I have this ridiculous urge to put on a TV voice and say “It’s day 18 of the project, and it isn’t even close to being on schedule or budget…” But since there was no schedule, I really don’t have any good calendar disasters to report. Maybe I’ll work on that.
P.P.P.S. THANK YOU to all my helpers so far – Maryn, Fiona, Hannah, Andrea, and Karen – you definitely make it so much more fun!!

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