Kitchen progress

Final coat of white on the already painted cabinets and a few touch ups. Plus sanding and painting the window trim (3 coats of primer, 1 topcoat, with one more to go), paint drawer cabinet and drawers (one top coat to go). Trim under counter and around all painted cabinets. A little sanding and one topcoat on each of these and that who part of the kitchen will be ready (minus the doors that I haven’t even started painting yet). Oh yeah, and the new shelf paper. Gotta do that too. Well, it doesn’t look like much, but it is progress and finally I had most of a Saturday to devote to it! Hurray!!

It seems like so little, but because the cabinets are so dark, they take a lot of coats of primer / paint to cover them. Plus the little touch ups and sanding between coats… this is definitely a complicated process. But seeing the final look on even a part of the kitchen makes it all seem worthwhile since the kitchen already feels so much brighter. Ahh, love it!!

The other funny part is trying to barricade the kitchen off from the dogs when there is wet paint within tail’s reach. The kitchen is the center of the house and they walk through it constantly coming from their beds in the dining room to go outside or hang out in the living room. So it’s been a constant rotation of placing the stools and step ladder in front of whatever area is wet so they can’t reach it. So far so good though. The only painting mess on the dogs is Maggie’s ear that has a yellow tip from walking too close to a wet wall last week. Oh well.

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