The week

The week so far…
– Party at my grandparents house, good to see the extended fam, creeped out by the dummy my aunt made of Uncle Tim
Can you find the real Uncle Tim?

– Cleaned up yet another dead wabbit (this one thankfully hadn’t been chewed much – and yes, I know it’s sad when I actually appreciate a dead rabbit đŸ˜‰

– Started new temp job at Neverland in a new department, with new people… more on that in a later post
– Visiting puppy went home Monday, leaving a beautiful, quiet, peaceful stillness in her wake
– Had dinner with my friends from college (we get together about once or twice a year)
– Surprise visit from a couple friends later that night who suspected I might have dropped off the planet
– Hung out with another good friend and my former cat Killian, who lives quite happily as queen of the apartment
– Took a beautiful fall bike ride with the BOC, where we passed a lot of dogs and managed to survive without major drama, not to mention appreciating that one day of 70 degree weather and sunshine!
– Found out friend got a job at Neverland and will be moving in with me – so excited
– One short evening of sanding / painting cabinets … it’s been a busy week! Ahhh. Must dedicate more time to work on this kitchen project or it will never be done!!!
– Totally exhausted and ready for the weekend…
I do love fall…

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