Clear as mud

Why is it that sometimes the big decisions in life feel like this?? I keep thinking of those complicated roundabouts in Ireland (when I was there a couple years ago)… driving the wrong side of the road, wrong side of the car, in a strange land, without someone else to read the map… there were roundabouts I had to go around at least twice to figure out which direction I was headed… or at least where I think I was headed.
The job situation is feeling like that. I’m applying for jobs… not much out there so far… I’m filling in doing some work for my dad in the meantime… and I just got offered a temporary position from October through December. I’m thinking I should just take it – it’s nothing too exciting, but they are matching my previous salary and though it’s temporary, it’s at least a paycheck right now… and at least when it ends suddenly, I will have known that from the start and it won’t be such a rude awakening. Sigh. Why is life so complicated?

3 thoughts on “Clear as mud

  1. Reen, I got behind several posts, but having caught up now, I think for someone who is laid off and bummed out, you appear to be having some awesome good times! Not to mention, paid work. And an opportunity to work on your kitchen (which may be stalled if you take the temporary job)! Wow, what a life! I hope and pray that these “difficult” times (really?) continue to open up windows of wonderful opportunities!

    P.S. Speaking of kitchens, have you thought about ditching the overhead cabinets (that separate the family room) and lose cupboard space for “open space”? Just a thought. You've seen my teeny kitchen. I survive with few cabinets.

    Aunt Marie

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