Munchkin Weekend

I made a last minute decision to hitch a ride with some friends who were heading for Washington DC for a wedding and visiting some other friends. It was a good excuse to head out of town and squeeze in a visit with both sets of friends. It was a whirlwind trip with lots of munchkins and visiting and a day . We drove most of the day Thursday. Spent Friday downtown DC with 5 adults and 6 kids, age 5 and under, taking the train in and out (highlight for the avid train fans), visited the Smithsonian natural history and air and space museums, and then heading back with tired kids in tow. Saturday we were mostly around the house – one set of parents headed for a wedding, the remaining dad had to work for part of the day, so the last standing mom and Aunt Reenie spent the afternoon with the kiddos and catching up in general… and then the Doc came home to rescue us for dinner and sick kids and lots of poopy diapers… my hero 🙂 Good times. And then headed home Sunday.

Thanks buddies – for letting me mooch a ride, for hosting me for the weekend, and for the constant entertainment of some pretty cute munchkins.

Here are a few highlights:

Happy kids on the train into DC

Norah as T-Rex

Anthony as T-Rex

Happy Thomas
Interesting displays at the museum

Doesn’t this home look like it should be in Better Homes and Gardens? Complete with naked baby. I love the new house! It’s all so beautifully put together.

Rosie Posy

What a cute family!


Mikey and Rosie playing at the park – and yes, Mikey gets the award of overall easiest kid of the weekend!! Hurray Mikey!

I love this girlie – even if she is heavy on the shoulders all through the city

I’m sorry, are you trying to get a posed picture with all the kids? Really? Maybe I should have tried one with just the adults instead 🙂

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