It begins…

I’ve been wanting to do some major work in my kitchen for awhile. And then for my birthday a bunch of my friends and family gave me the gift of an awesome gift card to help pay for supplies (thank you all!!) which only fueled the desire to do it… and the time has come.

Phase 1 of the project will be repainting the ceiling, walls, painting all the cabinets (the hard part), and new hardware on the cabinets. The walls and ceiling just need cleaning and repainting. I’m sticking with yellow walls and a white ceiling. No hing major there. The big change will be painting the dark wood cabinets white. I think it will drastically lighten the kitchen and can’t wait to see how it looks.

Phase 2 – new countertops (still to be decided).

Phase 3 – last but not least, getting rid of the awful linoleum (and the existing hallway tile) and tiling the entire floor (kitchen and hallway).

Here’s the before pictures, so you can see what we’re starting with…

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