Fascinating Facts… or not

You know all those blog “things” people do… Wordless Wednesdays… Quick Takes Fridays… Menu Plan Mondays… all those alliterations of randomness.

I am suddenly inspired to start my own, but can’t come up with a good alliteration for a title. I keep thinking of Nick T’s Fascinating Facts on Kresta in the Afternoon news… except I don’t have any fascinating facts, just random things about me that I’m discovering in the midst of some current challenges in my life. And rather than elaborating on the challenges, I thought I’d drop some tidbits – some things I am learning about myself. So help me out readers, come up with a good title 🙂

And here’s my random self discovery factoid of the day… I do not live a paranoid-friendly life. I knew I wasn’t paranoid, but I have learned in the last couple months that I do not live a life that is even remotely paranoid-friendly, for better or worse. I honestly had no idea before, but now we know. And there you have it. My not-fascinating-at-all fact for the day. Brought to you by the letter J.

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