Things that are great…

1. This weather!!! It’s sunny and 75 degrees with a slight breeze, BEAUTIFUL!!!
2. Homegrown tomatoes
3. Friendship – seriously sometimes I think I am the blessed with the best friends in the whole wide world!!
4. Craft night at Karen’s – always a great time, good company, an excuse to finish a sewing project or two, and usually some tasty baked goods too.
5. Flowers in bloom
6. Clean dog blankets
7. Anticipating seeing a couple long distance friends who I miss!!! One this weekend, two others in November…
8. Middle school football practice behind the backyard… I don’t understand or watch football ever, but I do enjoy a field full of small boys with large shoulders running around. It’s also a very clear reminder that fall is here. The dogs love to sit on the play structure and keep an eye on things – and sometimes I imagine what would happen if I released Suzie into said football field with running boys, and that just makes me smile.
9. New babies
10. … and so many other ways God reminds me that He loves me and is taking care of me. Thank you Jesus!!

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