… not so much…

Yeah, so much for my big plans of reorganizing my life last week. I didn’t make it up early Tuesday, but Weds I thought was my turning point. And then this beautiful little boy decided to make his grand entrance, and invited Aunt Reenie to be there for said grand entrance… and he waited until 3 am on Thursday morning to actually arrive (although for a bit we thought he might arrive on 09-09-09)…

… which is okay if you have a face like an angel… and parents who are some of the best friends a girl could ask for… and a big sister who this cute… Welcome to the world Thomas Elijah. I’m so glad you are here. God is good!!!!

As you can imagine, getting home at 4.15 am did not help me get back on any kind of schedule – instead I slept a couple hours and was at work by 8:30, bleary eyed, but happy. It’s not every day a new person enters the world – and especially your world. Friday I was still pretty wiped out.. let’s just say no new schedule happened. No major life renovation. No catching up on sleep or anything else. Just one beautiful baby, and that’s enough for one week.

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