The Weekend

7 fun adults … 6 munchkins… 5 kinds of beer … 4-hour car ride … 3 day weekend … 2 jugs of sangria … 1 great lakehouse = recipe for a great weekend!!

A few of my favorite quotes from the weekend:
Monica (10 months) was playing with a stuffed cow. She soon lost interest and the cow’s owner, Norah (4 yrs) reclaimed the cow.
Norah to Cow: Oh cow, you have stains. How did you get stains?
Cow to Norah: I was with a baby (duh).
(I’ll leave the adult quotes anonymous, to protect the guilty)
— Someone, on realizing he’d just lost an epic game of Scattergories, in a whiny girl voice: “Did I just lose? WTF?”
— “This should make me NOT have a crush on you… but it doesn’t.”
— Nerd, about the joys of unloading the dishwasher, delighted: “It’s so much better when it’s hot!”
— “I liked that towel!”
… and so many more…
And last but not least, a big thanks to my little sister who stayed at the Homestead with my two dogs and Buck the visiting dog. She totally rocks!!

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