At the homestead…

VICTORY!! Look at this!

It’s Suzie, my little pooch, tongue hanging to the ground in exhaustion from an energetic round of catch! Hurray!! Hey, I know this may seem trivial to all of you, but this pathetic little dog has spent the last six weeks mourning the loss of her old ball, the one that got eaten by her friend Scamp. I ordered two new balls the week after the old ball was eaten, one identical to the one that was eaten, and one that is the same size but lighter and a bit different and pink.
The identical black ball sits untouched. Suzie simply will not pick it up, will not bring it back. Ever. But after 5 weeks of ball deprivation for this little addict, she couldn’t resist the pink ball sailing through the air from a kick… she couldn’t help herself, she had to leap into the air and grab it before it landed!!
And after a week of short ball games, today we played a full length, tongue to the ground, exhausting round of catch! I know, I know, it’s ridiculous to even post… but it’s a victory, and sometimes you need to revel in the victories, no matter how small. Especially when it means my favorite method of wearing out this energetic little dog has been returned to us. Yay Suzie.

In other dog news, both dogs are itching like it’s going out of style, even on steroids (Suzie) and Claritin (Maggie). I think the visit to my parent’s weedy, outdoorsy homestead was just too much during hay fever season. Not that we didn’t appreciate it, because believe me, WE APPRECIATE IT!! It meant I could head off camping for a weekend while the bitches ran themselves exhausted for a couple days… and as always, they appreciate me more when I return… well Maggie does anyway. Suzie always appreciates me. Maggie needs a little separation to realize just how awesome I am.

Flowers are blooming. Weeds are thriving. Tomatoes are pouring in. Peppers are small but tasty. Summer is winding down. Projects for fall dance in my head. I am consciously trying to stop for a moment to appreciate it all. The little things. The beauty all around. The hand of a God who loves me. The sunrise on the fields as I head in to work. The smell of fresh produce. The buzzing of the bees. The friendships that fill my life. The singing of the birds. The catching of the ball. Life is good. I am thankful.

One thought on “At the homestead…

  1. Hmmm…I think someone has her own set of CDO issues…how about next time rubbing the new ball with peanut butter? By the time she's done licking it off, it will be the favorite toy ever. Peanut butter is magic around here.

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