The good stuff of the day

The good stuff:
– Date night with Owen on Monday. Dark chocolate ice cream at Coldstone, Star Trek at the dollar movies, and best of all, a night hanging out with my favorite baby brother.
– Craft night with the ladies
– Sangria from Karen – delicious!!
– Lunch with Marie and her two girlies (age 2.5)– who noticed that i was wearing a different shirt than the time I cut their hair, cute cute
– Peaching with some people… especially Bob, who dutifully filled jars for hours on end even if he does hate kitchen work and doesn’t understand the value of home canned peaches (yet).
– The canning stove in the basement — still awesome as ever!! not that the upstairs kitchen isn’t hot and steamy, but it is less so when the big canners are downstairs (I’m currently waiting on the last load so I can go to bed)
– Suzie being on steroids (other than the overactive bladder side effect)
– Maggie’s trip to the vet being a distant (embarrassing) memory, that I won’t have to repeat again until her shots come due in 3 years.
– Summer in general
– Knowing I’m working longer days this week for a Friday afternoon off (with which to do some work around the house since Saturday is booked solid, but still…)
– Getting the house to myself for a busy weekend
– Still being only 29, at least for a couple more days
– Garden fresh tomatoes
– The puppies that eat houseflies
– Two people I love that were born on this day… happy birthday guys (Garrett and Matt).
– Life is good. I am thankful.

One thought on “The good stuff of the day

  1. Happy Birthday, tomorrow!!! I wish I could be there to celebrate the big 3-0 with you; do you have fun plans? I'll be saying birthday prayers for you from afar. God bless you!

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