The Mundane

I wish I had a fascinating topic to blog about, but as usual, it’s going to be a mundane post about the mundane happenings at a certain Nichols Homestead.

This weekend, we have another doggie visitor. Buck is a sweet black lab mix (he matches perfectly), who allows Maggie to be top bitch without much contest. Certainly she has to harrass him occassionally, lest he get any notions about whose house this is, but things are going fine, pretty low key. Suzie is scratching all her fur off again, and I’m about to call the vet for another round of steroids to control the horrible seasonal itching.

Today I got some stuff done around the house, then headed out to a wedding for a couple of my “kids”. The bride is a girl I’ve mentored, been the “big sister” on the other end of the phone for high school and college, and a friend. It has been such a blessing to see God’s incredible faithfulness in her life, to see her growing up (even if it does make me feel incredibly old), and to see her happily married to a terrific guy – another of my kids from youth group, good friend of my little brother, etc. God is good!

And now the gap between the wedding and reception… which is a solid 3 hours long… I had every intention of coming home, changing, and then mowing the grass… but it is really hot and humid out there and I realized taking a sweat bath before dressing back up to go to the reception would probably not be the classy thing to do. So I am doing a few things around the house, chilling with the dogs, and baking for tomorrow’s birthday brunch (round 2 of Aug birthdays in the fam)… all in the air conditioning, which I finally broke down and turned on a week ago.

Canning season has begun, and even though my garden is horribly (and I do mean HORRIBLY) neglected, the tomato forest is producing quite well. My theory is if you plant enough tomatoes, no matter how badly you fail at maintaining, you will get something! I canned 3 quarts of tomatoes yesterday and have enough for a batch of salsa sometime in the next few days if I can find a spare moment (which is debatable). I love summer! and fresh homegrown tomatoes. and sunny days. and hazy nights. and berry picking. and canning. and sangria. and a quiet house. and projects to do. and grass to mow. and gladiolas in the garden. … yeah, I love it all.

But how on earth is it already mid-August?????

3 thoughts on “The Mundane

  1. Mundane is OK, darling! I stopped by yesterday without calling in a failed attempt to drop off some sangria (could barely fit it all in my fridge!). So I have a quart canning jar with your name on it in invisible ink, just waiting for you. Maybe I'll get it to you sometime today… PS~ we're almost healthy now and I really miss you! I hope today is great 🙂

  2. Buck did make it through his weekend with the BOC without a scratch. I think they wore him out though. He slept for an inordinately long time in his crate on Monday. Hope you enjoyed the prayerful, no, angry squealing from the Mon-ster today. 🙂

  3. hey is this about me? 😉
    Sorry about the wedding/reception gap!!!!
    You were a great mentor, and now a great friend. So glad I've had you in my life. And, if you hadn't talked me into going out with Jim in the first place, there never would have been a wedding that day.

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