Vacation Musings

I’ve been trying for a week to come up with a vacation post… and I just can’t find the words to try to describe a week at Long Lake with my dad’s side of the family… how do you sum up “family time” in a short inadequate blog post. One of the best ways I can even attempt to describe it, is a week with my people. And I don’t just mean people I like, or people that are interesting, they truly are my people. They get me (or at least most of them do). Sometimes I suspect they get me more than I get myself… and sometimes the extended members of the fam get me better than the immediate members… it’s amazing to spend a week being totally and completely yourself… with people who genuinely like you for just being you… what an indescribable gift!!

It’s also kid time, teenage cousin/sibling time, catch up with aunts and uncles time, game time, tandem time, bike time, more kid time, “push me on the swings” time (not me specifically), it’s a time of laughing, reading, sleeping, playing, teasing, losing, playing again, boating, lazying in the sun. It’s a week of watching the newbies fall off unicyles, the munchkins learn to ride a bike, Uncle Glenn giving Geno a hard time over his version of baseball. It’s water balloon tossing, tower building, picture taking, kid carrying, eating together, just plain bonding. Sometimes it’s trying to befriend a hesistant 3-year-old cousin, getting to know the newest cousin-in-law, learning a new card game, and teaching the younger ones some old ones. It is just plain unwinding and spending quality time with my people. I am so incredibly blessed!!

And yes, I’d go again tomorrow if I could…

*Stay tuned for pictures from the week.*

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