Sometimes I can’t slow down…

It is a perfect evening. And I’m here at my favorite spot on earth – home. On a patio in need of weeding. The sun setting on the horizon. A soft breeze. Birds singing. Peaceful silence, broken occasionally as Suzie tries to eat a bee. And if it weren’t for feeling utterly spent and my mysteriously swollen ankle, I’d probably be up doing something productive…

And yet, it is moments like this that remind me how precious a few minutes of sitting still can be, enjoying the peace and quiet, the aroma of the flowers, the buzzing bees, the shadows in the grass, the soaking in of God’s glory, and icing the ankle.

This week’s readings have been about God sending manna to the chosen people in the dessert. And yet, in the midst of this amazing miracle, they complain… and complain… and complain… it reminds me to look for the miracles in my own life, rather than focusing on the things that are hard (let’s be honest, we all have things that are hard)… it’s a reminder to be thankful for each moment, for the amazing ways that God provides for me day after day after day… and definitely to be thankful for moments like this.

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