My turn

This weekend we have a guest at the Nichols homestead…

Meet Scamp, Red’s 15 month old pup. Isn’t he cute? Other than a quick (ugly) squabble with Maggie, things have been fine. Maggie needs to be top dog, and when Scamp is cool with that, we’re all cool. She did not, however, appreciate when he leaped through the doorway into her with his muscular, clumsy, tank-like self… luckily I was standing right there and the crisis was averted. I also have to keep reminding myself that he’s still a puppy and keep an eye on him more than my two, since there is endless potential for getting into things (not to mention being in a strange house). So far so good… Unless you are a log in the backyard, in which case, give up. The jaws of steel will most definitely win.
In other puppy news, Suzie’s new ball arrived in the mail, exactly the same as her old one, except that it smells new and is still in tact. And she doesn’t want it. So we’re still playing “half-ball” and I’m putting lots of treats and peanut butter on the new ball to get her warmed up to it (I can’t kick the half-ball… so we’ve got to make the switch eventually 😉 Silly mutt, apparently she resists change nearly as much as I do.

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