Suzie’s big adventure

Last week, I went on the extended family to Long Lake vacation (more on that later)… and for the first time in a long time, I had to farm out the dogs. In the past, my previous housemates have been comfortable enough to just take care of them for the week for me (thanks to all of you!!). This time, however, there was no way. My new housemate is just starting to adjust to living with them– there’s no way I could leave them alone for a week, for anyone’s sake. Then comes the real challenge… where to farm them to…

Maggie went to “Grandma’s” (my parent’s house). She’s harder to farm out because she’s afraid of toddlers, men, and strangers… nice Maggie. So it turns out my brother Emmet was going to stay home most of the week (working) so he’d take care of her – letting her sleep inside at night at least- and the neighbors would do the same the couple days he came up north.

Suzie is typically easier, since she loves everyone, but a few of my first choices didn’t work out. Then my fabulous friend from work, Red, offered to take her. Naturally I was a little nervous. I haven’t known this friend all that long, and somehow asking someone to dog sit your pooch for a week seems like a lot to ask of someone you haven’t known too long. Nonetheless, I was super grateful… even if I was a little nervous she’d try to eat the house-rabbits… or something to put a friendship in jeopardy. Suze is far from perfectly behaved, but she is very good at home, shadows my every move, comes when she’s called, etc. This was going to be just fine. Suze could play Red’s two dogs, Pepper, an older black lab, and Scamp, an adorable 2 year old pitbull. I dropped her off Saturday morning, confident that she’d have a good time, despite missing me (and who could blame her for that?)

Everything did not go quite as planned…

Remember Suzie’s ball? her favorite ball? the ball she can’t live without? really the only ball that she’ll even catch?

Well, Scamp, the pitbull with jaws of steel, got ahold of it… and by the end of round 1…

and by the time the week was done… there wasn’t much left. Though Suze still whined for it whenever Red would put it out of Scamp’s reach… so it’s her own fault. And for the record, it’s still the only ball she loves, even if it is only half a ball now…

And then there was the phone call on Sunday night… a voicemail from Red, sounding awful, and informing me that Suze had bolted out the door around Red’s husband, and ran away. As in, really ran away. Red and Bear searched. A couple other co-workers came and searched. Posters were made and distributed. More searching. Nothing. No Suzie to be found.

My first concern was that Suze would get hit by a car (sometimes she’s really stupid) and my bigger concern was poor Red!! I mean, I know how horrible she was feeling, even though it wasn’t anyone’s fault. Suze knows better than to bolt out the door– but she was probably just looking for me, and away she went. I didn’t sleep very well, and just kept praying that Suze would miraculously find her way back to Red’s.

The phone rang at 6.30 the next morning. Suzie was on Red’s front porch when they got up. Thank God!! We have no idea where she spent the night, but she made it back. And was a very repentant pup, determined to never spend the night alone in the scary big world again. She began shadowing Red and Bear’s every move, wrestling with Scamp, and yes, still drooling over the bunnies in their area.

Not to mention finding out that Bear is a kindred spirit… who doesn’t mind a little tongue…

Thanks a million to Red and Bear for taking care of the pooch! and surviving the agony of her little night on the town!!

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