4 thoughts on “Meanwhile…

  1. The story is: Maggie visit's Grandma's. Grandma thinks free range chickens are a good idea. Maggie eats chickens. End of story. The only happy part is that only 2 chickens actually perished, the rest just hid in the woods until Maggie went home.

  2. I'm wavering between hysterically funny and totally grossed out. This weekend I heard voices from next door through the hedge…
    Kid A:'AAAAAAck!!! I just stepped on something AAAAAAck'
    Kid B:'Hey, it's a dead rat! Cat left us a rat!'
    Mom: 'Well, that's what cats do. Do you have a cat? No? Well that's what cats do, they bring home things they kill to show you.

    Haaaaa ha ha. Eeeww. Good thing soft and fluffy (cats) and puppy dog eyes make up for the disgusting gifts.

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