The girl who likes Jesus

A few weeks ago I went home with Red, my friend from work, for lunch. The first time I met her husband Bear, he’d been roofing all day, had a nasty looking black eye, and was exhausted. I respect that and basically said hi before heading outside with Red while Bear headed for the couch. Naturally, Red mentions Bear a lot and I like him already. He’s the quiet, nerdy engineering type. What’s not to like? Anyway, when we went to the Pitt (her house) for lunch, Bear was also there. He was pretty talkative, catching us up on a TV show they watch (and I’ve never seen).

On Saturday morning, a couple days after lunch at the Pitt, I’m standing at Lowes. I’d just come from the strawberry fields, so I’m in sport capris, hair not done, tshirt, and probably have straw sticking to me somewhere. But I needed to get the shelving for the kitchen cupboard project. So there I am, in all my Saturday morning glory, looking at measurements and features on sliding shelves, and I glance up. There, standing in Lowes, and looking very out of place, was Bear. Dressed in clean blue jeans, hair combed, looking very put together compared to early Saturday morning Lowes shoppers, and drinking his Espresso Royale coffee.

Then the moment of decision… do I say hi? Or should I just get really engrossed in my shelving decision? Its a little awkward since we don’t really know each other… maybe I should just hide. I decided to be brave and said hi. Bear recognized me and we discussed Red dragging him to 6 stores in search of the perfect over-the-toilet shelving unit. I told him I was looking for shelving for the kitchen, “Oh yeah,” he says, “New roommate right?” I’m quite impressed, I barely know Bear, and yet he knows random facts about me (and remembers them) because Red and I are friends. Points for Bear. We go our separate ways.

When Bear sees Red he tells her, “Hey, I saw your friend from work.”
Red: “Really? Which one?” (keep in mind Red is friends with everyone at Neverland).
Bear: “it was the one who likes Jesus.”
Red: “Oh Favorite. Awesome. Were you nice?”

There is more to the story… When Red and I first became friends, she was telling Bear about me, and compared me to another friend of hers who also grew up in a large Catholic family as well – “only friend is an atheist and Favorite still likes Jesus.”

So I guess I go down in history as the girl who likes Jesus, which I think is hilarious and awesome. A few weeks later Red was telling Bear that we joke about that all the time at work about me being “the girl who likes Jesus”. “What?” he says, “I swear she was even wearing a Jesus t-shirt!” And I have to admit it was probably true since most of my Saturday (bum) clothes do involve life teen retreat t-shirts from the last dozen years.

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