Cupboard Renovations

Here it is, my project for last weekend. Well, it was my major project for last weekend. There were others, but this one takes the cake. This is the tall cupboard next to my stove where I store a lot of baking pans, bowls, dog treats, more bowls, platters, cookie sheets, spices and more. Since moving in, I wasn’t crazy about the shelves, on the right side, there was a strange 3″ gap so stuff would fall down the sides. Then last year one of the thin (crappy) plywood shelves broke… and then my pans were kept in a sliding, disorganized, cramped stack shown above, which, as you may imagine, has been driving me crazy. I forgot to take pics of the rest of it before I unloaded and disassembled. So you can imagine how the rest of it looked.

So last weekend I pulled out all the old crappy shelves. Made all new shelves, including nice vertical dividers for the cookie sheets and trays. I also put in two sliding drawers for the bottom two shelves, which makes it so easy to pull them out and access stuff that used to get lost in the far bottom corners. I papered and installed the new shelves, reinstalled my spice rack and reloaded the cupboard.

Projects like this definitely provide more bang for your buck (way more than that ceiling fan). It makes me happy every time I go into the cupboard (which is several times a day) and everything is nicely organized and reachable. Check that one off the list…

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