A very moving weekend

It was a doozy of a weekend, and here on Weds night, I’m definitely looking forward to the long weekend ahead (I get Friday off for the 4th of July holiday).

This past weekend was a flurry of activity. Working on the storage room on Friday night. Subbing for a 3 am Adoration slot. Waking up to work on cleaning my house and prepping for the move in day. Move in day where the house is flooded with people, new homie, all of new homie’s stuff, and all that entails. 4.30 Mass Sat evening, then German park with friends. Then Sunday I got up and headed for Donal and Lindsey’s apartment to help them move. Whew. They were well prepared for the move, and in spite of the complications of them moving into the house that was still occupied, things went relatively smoothly.

As always, Allan didn’t want to miss out on anything. He was down at the trailer with my dad while we carried down boxes and furniture to load into the trailer. At some point, I stopped and threw down a bag of pillows from the balcony. Boy was he excited. The rest of the move, Allan would say “You throw down more?” or “Tell Maureen I am ready.” He was excited to be part of the action and giggled with abandon as I hurled all the blankets, pillows, and anything else soft I could come up with at him. Naturally I ran out of soft throwable items long before Allan ran out of enthusiasm “Hey, I am ready!” He’d yell!! I tried to tell him tossing the boxes of dishes and books wouldn’t be nearly so fun, though after numerous treks up and down the three flights of stairs, I was almost ready to try.

We mostly emptied their place and headed for the new house, where the occupant was not moved out yet (a scheduling mishap just to complicate matters). So we moved everything out of the upstairs, set up stations for each important room (kitchen, dining, living, bedroom, office) and started moving boxes up. The entire Mish crowd arrived just in time for the quickest unloading ever. Then the menfolk went back for the second round while Linds and I headed for Lowes to purchase paint. Then back for the rest of the moving. And now D & L are living in a house and have projects galore to keep them busy for months! Congrats on the new place guys! I’m so excited for you!!!

The day wasn’t over yet. I raced home, showered, and then headed for some friends’ house where they had a big BBQ for our friends. It was a lot of fun, munchkins everywhere, cute babies to steal, friends to catch up with… great party Shibatas! Thanks!! I should also mention the Loves were in town, on their way home from vacation, so I rode with them and got to catch up with them during and after the party!! God is good and has blessed me with so many wonderful friends.

And that was the weekend!! I felt like I needed another weekend just to do my own stuff after that hectic weekend, but no… off to work for me. But on a bright note, I have friday off and plan to tear apart and rebuild the breaking/broken shelves in a major cabinet in my kitchen. and maybe I’ll even get a chance to work on my poor neglected garden too.

Happy July my friends.

One thought on “A very moving weekend

  1. Thanks for all of your help Reenie! It was great to have a Type-A personality along, we would never have thought of putting our boxes upstairs in room-specific groups. Genius!

    Painting is coming along nicely… we are nervous to paint the living room, but I think it'll look great. The dining room is ready to go. Maybe we'll get to that tonight…

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