An unexpected evening at home

Sometimes I am okay with softball being rained out. As much as I wanted to play, I really needed a whole evening at home. Sigh of contentment. Last night was just that, a full, productive evening at home, that I really really needed.

– cleaned and contact papered the bathroom cabinet shelves (they were pretty gross)
– cleaned pantry cupboard for new homie
– cleaned living room
– put away some laundry
– started some more laundry
– drugged an itchy dog
– taught new homie the “down stay” with treat in front of them trick for the dogs (very important)
– saw at least 3 rabbits in the neighbors yards… they’d better stay out of my garden, and my yard for that matter. Last week’s dead squirrel was enough dead for awhile.
– loaded dishwasher
– took out garbage and recycling, including broken coffee table glass
– picked garden strawberries
– baked muffins to take to work (and send some home with moving sibling)
– cleaned up after baking mess and cleaned up in the kitchen
Tonight Donal stopped over as soon as I got home from work and helped me haul the old recliner to the curb (making room for new homie’s equally old chair apparently). Thanks a million D! And I should probably mention that every time the BOC see their favorite Uncle D, they go wild. They wish he still lived here. “It sure was nice living with a man!”

Then I shut off the power and fixed the new fan wiring so it is controlled by the switch (modern wonders). And now I need to find some dinner and then go do some storage room organization before the big move tomorrow. Wish me luck.

I should also mention I broke down and had my brother Owen come over today while I was at work and he scooped and mowed for me. Generally it’s a chore I do myself, and mostly enjoy, but sometimes you just need to pay the brother to do it for you on a hectic weekend. Thanks Owen. You’re my hero (and not just because you scooped and mowed)!

One thought on “An unexpected evening at home

  1. Hm, now I know who to ask about the possibility of switching the light fixture in the front room with the fan/light fixture in the dining room… heh heh heh….

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