Well… the phone jack is installed, but the line signal isn’t coming through. So I tested all the other jacks in the house, and they aren’t working either… sigh… so I guess I need to call the phone company before attempting to set up the DSL.

The fan is also replaced. Took down the old non-working fan. Put up the new one with much cursing of whoever wrote the directions (why don’t companies hire actual writers to write these things????)… discovered that installing a ceiling fan is best done with three hands, which I obviously do not have. So I had to perch the fan precariously between the step ladder and my stomach while attaching the wires… but after much swearing and sweating, the fan is installed, power is on… and I just discovered what that extra red wire back in step 1 was… yes, the connection to the switch. Awesome. So I need to take it partially apart again to wire in the switch (and figure out which of the wires it belongs with). Sigh.

So although not a complete success, I’ve made some progress. And hopefully the new housemate will appreciate the working ceiling fan.

One thought on “Progress

  1. Yet another situation that validates my hypothesis that 2 arms are a result of the Fall and we were originally created with 3. I've never been able to say where that 3rd arm would've been located, but boy would it come in handy!!!

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