Laughable Moments with Grass

I’ve definitely mentioned before how bad I am at grass. I can plant a huge vegetable garden, I have flower gardens in every corner of my yard, I can keep dozens of houseplants alive for years… but I continue to fail at grass. Here’s my latest laughable moment with the grass:

Do you see that? Look closer…

Yes friends, my lawn is striped!! I put down fertilizer/weed killer a few weeks back. I read the directions for the broadcast spreader carefully, and made sure to overlap per the directions… and yet, I have a striped lawn.

To make things even funnier (or not), this week I discovered that the dark green (well-fertilized) stripes grow twice as fast as the light green (unfertilized) stripes. Awesome. Good work.

The moral of the story… I don’t actually know if there is a moral to that story, it just made me laugh. and contemplate fertilizing the light green stripes sometime this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Laughable Moments with Grass

  1. You know, I don't know what it is about grass, but I'm pretty sure you need a whole different kind of thumb to be able to grow grass, not just the regular green one. We are now down to NO Grass at the House of Raven, I think in large part because I couldn't bear to waste water on something so lame. We are working on putting down artificial grass in the backyard, the only area we wanted to keep open. It's not as tacky as it sounds, we've come a long way since astroturf and it is actually starting to catch on quite a lot around here.

  2. we have a similar problem – wherever the dog pees there's a hole with dark fast growing well fertilized grass all around…from far away you don't see the holes 🙂

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