Turning a corner

I don’t know exactly when or where this corner was, but I feel I’ve recently turned a corner. I won’t get into the messy details of what before said corner was, but getting around the corner is a great relief. I’m feeling like I’m getting myself back. The well-adjusted, overly ambitious and energetic, minimally emotional self. Thank God. I’ve missed her. This isn’t to say everything in life is rosy, but it is saying I’m facing it with that self I just mentioned, which far preferable to the before-the-corner girl. God is good.

Since coming ’round that corner, I am realizing how behind I am on life in general. Projects. Organizing. Spring cleaning (when did it get to be June?). Gardening. Yarding. Regrouting the tub. You know, life. Not to mention keeping in touch with friends, sending birthday cards, getting birthday gifts for family members (I’m currently 3 behind), and more… Life.

The next few weeks I’ve assigned myself some serious purging and reorganizing. I’m considering cloistering myself at home the next few weeks (other than work and the unavoidable activities) to get a lot done and to soak in the joy of living alone. And then my new housemate will be moving in. I am happy to have a new housemate lined up. I think she’ll be a good housemate. The rent money will help with the mortgage payment. But I have a secret… the idea of moving in with another person, any person, is making me claustrophobic right now. The hardest part is definitely the adjustment period, which is never easy for a person who doesn’t like change (me). I never like it. You have to work around each others schedules, quirks, likes and dislikes, etc. I feel like I should be good at this by now… I lived with at least 14 people since moving out of my parents house… I should be great at this adjustment thing… but I’m not.

My housemate-to-be came by Sunday to pick out paint colors for her bedroom, discuss the merging of furniture, etc. It all went well, I definitely think she’ll be a good housemate, and then I had the moment of panic. I think it was over locking the door- she’s apparently a fanatical locker, I am not. I was saying how I lock the handle (during the day), and she made some comment about that she’d like me to use the deadbolt. Um… I didn’t know what to say. She clarified that she meant at night, I already use the deadbolt at night… so we don’t really have a problem at all… but it did remind me of the amount of adjustment it is to live with a new person.

For the record, this living alone thing is pretty sweet. I am living the dream to be sure. Not that I want to live alone forever, but I’ve wanted to for a long time now… and getting a couple months of it (especially during a rather intense season of my life) has been wonderful. And getting another housemate is a gift too… in more ways than one… and I’m very happy about it… but it’s still hard to adjust to living with yet another person.

2 thoughts on “Turning a corner

  1. I've had those seasons of life where I find myself 'waking up' and starting to live, rather than merely endure, again. Though I think my productivity level after 'turning the corner' is still less than your activity/effectiveness level over the last few months. I'm in awe at the thought of what you'll accomplish now!

    Living alone sounds rather lovely too some days. đŸ˜‰

  2. Amen, Sister, to living alone…at least for a time. No one moves stuff so you can't find it. No stepping on tiny little objects that hurt like hect. No unexplained messes: Only you are to blame. No one complains or questions if you decide to shower at 2 p.m. instead of 8 a.m. Cereal for dinner is acceptable. No compromising on TV, movie or music selections. All purchases are yours and yours alone.

    I think the solution to most roommate (and spousal) living issues is a duplex.

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