The end of dizzyness

I’m happy to report this bout of vertigo is officially over. The worst of it was over middle of last week, but the room would still spin randomly when I turned my head wrong, or something. As of last Sunday, not a single symptom, hurray!!

Here’s the progress on the bedroom project:
– Made curtains for the window (and hung them)
– Made curtain to replace the closet doors – and in spite of incorrect dimensions and calculations at 1 am (probably not my smartest hour) I was able to salvage them and I think they look nice- not perfect, but nice. And I hung them.
– Had trouble with an anchor for the wall shelves that necessitated a trip to Lowe’s for new anchors. Installed that and the shelf is up, though I still have a tiny bit of paint touch up to do where the old anchor was.
– Disassembled my bed and reassembled it in the new room – thanks to Fiona for her help, having put it together alone the first time, this was soooo much easier with help.
– Moved my shoe rack and bookshelves… and the room is definitely full (did I mention this is a tiny room?)
-All that’s left is moving clothes, etc from my old room… but I’m doing laundry and will simply put away all the clean stuff in the new room as I go… and purge the old room as I go.
And some pictures to share…

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